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Dane Koller

About Us

My name is Dane Koller, the owner of Photo Magic™. It’s always been my desire to make a difference in people’s lives. From teaching and coaching at the Middle School here in Orlando, to teaching and coaching my own kids, I love to impact everyone in a positive way. What I miss most about teaching is the relationships made with the children and parents as well as the rewards of growth and maturity brought about by my influence and instruction. In short, I miss the rewards and fruit of my labor.

However, now as the owner of Photo Magic™, I can give back a little and see many great rewards from those I’ve worked with for their events. Nothing touches my heart the most than a phone call from a bride after her honeymoon informing me that our services made their wedding! But we do so much more than just weddings.

We make every event special no matter how big or small. All we ask for is the opportunity to earn your business. I personally promise you will always be satisfied with our level of professionalism as well as the quality of service. Give Photo Magic a try, it will be magical!

Dane Koller,
Photo Magic of Florida™

I have had a great opportunity through Photo Magic™ to meet and work with some of the Entertainment and Sports Industries’ biggest names.

See our client page to see a selected list.

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